Spring Break

One of the cool things about living in Oregon is definitely the Oregon Coast. BendBlog.net, Mrs. BendBlog.net and our dog are taking advantage of Spring Break at the Oregon Coast.

Approximately 3 1/2 hour drive from Bend is Siletz Bay, worth it. Have a wonderful day!

Up & Down 97: 60 Degrees!

Never thought I would be excited by a 64 degree day, and breaking the 60 degree threshold for the 1st time in Spring 2018. But I am!

We do wish you all a Happy Spring Break too.

We were outdoors at the Cline Butte area at Eagle Crest near Redmond. Pretty clear day, bit hazy but could see all the way Mt. St. Helens, not too shabby.

Awesome KTVZ Bob uses the “sparkling day” thing, ditto. We are going with “What A Glorious Day”.

Space enthusiasts and Astrophotographer friends, #SpaceStation Flyover tonite:

#SpotTheStation Time: Thu Mar 29 7:55 PM, Visible: 4 min, Max Height: 52°, Appears: 46° above WNW, Disappears: 10° above NE

Posted on Twitt: @SpotTheStation

Fun & Photography: Happy Weekend, Bend’s 4 Seasons

One of the reasons our family transplanted ourselves to Bend is its wonderful four seasons.  Spring’s coming (Soon me hopes).

Until then…

Here’s a long form work on Four Seasons by Our Deschutes River here #inBend; the vid piece has some nice relaxing water sound too. Enjoy. Happy Weekend Bend, get out there to that great outdoors!

Heads Up, It’s Still Winter, Safe Driving Spring Breakers

About BendBlog.net

Hello Bendites and Central Oregonians, we are launching our new blog about all things Bend, Central Oregon, Oregon Coast and The West.   With particular interest in Fun, Food and Photography, please join us in our new adventure.We will have periodic posts as we continue our Journey from our base in our hometown, Bend, Oregon.

This is simply a blog for people that are new here like I am and are interested in exploring all the Fun, Food, Photography that Bend and Central Oregon have to offer.  We will expand our search to the Oregon Coast and anywhere in The Pacific Northwest is fair game too.   There might even be some fishing, road bicycling, hiking, snowshoeing, kayaking, golf and other fun stuff too. Always with a stop a local inn to see what’s cooking.

We will also feature news and noteworthy stuff about Bend and Central Oregon.

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